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Mobile Operation
HF Portable

Half the fun of having a HF mobile setup is parking up, close to the salt water, away from the noise of built up areas.

The antenna I use is a motorised HF mobile antenna, called a "HORNET", made by RODA in Sydney (Australia). It covers 80-10m continuiously. (Just waiting for access to the 60m band!). I don't use any "screwdriver antenna" controller for this antenna, just a simple up/down switch. This antenna design exhibits a very high "Q", making the tuning very narrow and acts very much like a narrow band pass filter. Some would think being that tight a bandwidth can be anoying, but if the frequency you want to use is outside the SWR bandwidth, you just re-tune the antenna... on the move. Easy!

Radio is a Kenwood TS-480HX (200w output). Perfect for being heard.